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I'm not proud, I'll shill

I was going to put something in the title about whoring myself, but it just seemed to have the wrong connotations, used as you all are to the sexual content that appears here on occasion -- like when I'm getting any, and want to incorporate it into my site (like the info I learned this weekend that ties into You did what on my what?!?", but that's another article).

Anyhow, I recently received an email from a lady associated with the development of a new television show called Family Business. She asked if I was interested in receiving an advance copy of the pilot episode on DVD. I'll confess, I was intrigued and kinda tickled to have been asked, so I ponied up my address and kinda forgot about it.

Early last week I received it in the mail and popped iton. The show centers around Adam Glasser, more famously known as Seymore Butts, and his family ties to the adult film industry: his mom, Lila, who handles the bookkeeping, his cousin Stevie, who runs the distribution side of the business, and his son, who lives with him.

The pilot episode focused mainly on introducing and establishing the characters, and introducing the idea of Adam's quest for a girlfriend -- we get to see him go on two blind dates, and see how they react to his job.

The industry isn't ignored in the pilot, but it's not the real focus, either, aside from a few scenes of his editor working on a film and panicking about how bad it is (which, upon reflection, could have been completely gratuitous and/or staged, but I'm not convinced they're that great of actors), and some scenes of him and his older (much older) cousin auditioning some men and women -- which consists of a few questions and some pictures.

The entertaining part of that scene was seeing some poor schmo try to get a hard-on whilst Cousin Stevie roamed about and whistled. Somehow I doubt that was the glamorous view of porn that the guy had had in mind.

Adam's son was a part of the pilot, but he wasn't featured, nor was he exploited, in my opinion. He actually seemed kinda camera-shy, but no one was chasing him around, either. I know a lot of people would be horrified at the idea of someone in the adult film industry having a child and still staying in the industry, but it's certainly not my place to pass judgement. When Adam did the interviews, he asked his mom to come mind his son, so what more could you ask for?

As for the show itself, well... I'm not sure. It ends with his mom saying she has a nice girl for him to meet, so it gives you a head's up on what'll happen next episode. If the show revolves around his quest for a girlfriend, I'm not sure I'd want to keep watching. At some point, something like that just gets wearisome.

If, however, it ventures more into the industry and how he got in it, how people interact within it, how it affects their daily lives, whatever, that would be more interesting to me -- but that's me. Plenty of others would just want the boobies and sex shots, I'm sure.

Overall, I'd say that I'll likely watch another episode, if I were to find it on tv or receive another teaser copy. I'm mildly curious to see where things will go. I'm not about to go out of my way to pay to see this, though -- at least, not yet.

So the show is Family Business, and it starts airing January 6th, on Showtime. If you're a fan of Seymore Butts, I'd say for sure, check it out. If you're just a fan of the industry, well, try it out -- you may surprise yourself.

posted by Jen on 8:21 AM


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